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Kenko Corporation is the specialized trading company which focuses on industrial chemical and healthcare.

Kenko Corporation





Kenko not only serves domestic companies with unique oleo chemicals sourced from a very limited few suppliers abroad, but also provides such products to customers in the Asian region. Product portfolios include Indian oleo chemicals, amines and their derivatives, naphthols, methylating agents and coating materials. With competitive pricing and stable supply chains, Kenko supports a broad range of applications from surfactants, cosmetics, synthetic resins, to non-ferrous metals.

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When developing new medicines, customers choose Kenko for the optimally assured pharma intermediates that we source from China, Korea, India and Europe via our global connections. Pharmaceutical companies in China and India now even prefer Kenko to source from Japan high quality raw materials and intermediates for pharmaceutical applications.

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Fine Chemicals & Industrial Materials


We have been proactively servicing Japanese companies with fine chemicals sourced worldwide, from e-drugs, reactive catalysts, reducing agents, to such solvents as THF and acetonitriles. In addition, we are also marketing and delivering Japanese made fine chemicals to customers in Asia and Europe.
Industrial Materials that Kenko provides include environment and safety-oriented European coating products of waterproofing and thermal insulation - best for buildings’ roof maintenance, and Japanese user certified graphite – an anode material for Li-ion battery.

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Kenko Corporation

4th floor, Iwamotocho Toyo Bldg.,
3-1-2, Iwamotocho, Chiyoda-ku,
Tokyo, 101-0032, Japan

TEL +81-3-6821-8061
FAX +81-3-6821-8060