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Kenko Corporation is the specialized trading company which focuses on industrial chemical and healthcare.

Kenko Corporation



Nano Tech Coating


Clearcoat U-Sil 120
Glossy & Clear

General Information

  • Strong hydrophobicity (max 120° contact angle)
  • Excellent easy-to-clean properties (vs. finger-prints, dust…)
  • Great protection against filiform corrosion
  • Solid adhesion to substrates of AL, SUS, MG, and CU
  • Lead-free and chromate-free
  • (Cured coating surface) Free of any hazardous or toxic substances

  1. Description

    Transparent, glossy and super thin
    Single-layer application with low
    coating thickness.
    No need to dilute

  2. Components

    Type of binder: Polysiloxane-Urethane-Resin
    Solid-content: ca. 21% by weight

  3. Applicable Substrates

      Aluminum (A1050P, A5052P)
      Stainless Steel (SUS304)
      Magnesium (AZ31, AZ91)
      Copper (C1100P, C2801P)

  4. Surface Treatment

    The surface must be free of dirt, dust and grease, e.g. alkaline cleaning for AL and Mg

  5. Coating Method*

    - Spray-lacquer
        Max 40m2/kg at 5-μm thickness
    - Dip-coating

  6. Gun Set Up

    Nozzle size: 0.5 ~ 0.8 mm
    Air pressure: 2.0 bars

  7. Curing

    30 minutes, 180°C
    60 minutes, 160°C
    Users can also adjust both temperature and curing time according to their own needs.

  8. Coating Thickness

    Ca. 5 μm dry

  9. Thermal Shock Resistance

    -20°C ~ +250°C

  10. Shelf Life

    12 months in closed original can, stored in cool and dry conditions

  11. Product Life Time

    At least 10 years of no delaminating or chipping upon application done according to NTC’s process guideline.

* Please also refer to the “Coating Method” that explains steps in the process.
This product info sheet should only be used for general guidance instead of a legally binding guarantee.


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